Project: DFCM Productions

This project was commissioned by a production company looking to have a logo that was modern with a retro feel. Utilized the primary colors, 20s typography and old camera silhouette to create the logo.

Project: All Stars Sports

Self-initiated project designing a logo for a sporting goods store. The idea was to create a All-American style brand with a homage to the pastime sports while making the brand unisex.

Project: Conetown

This project was commissioned by bigSTORY to create a fictional ice cream brand that was within the same vein as Baskin Robbins or any instangly recognizable ice cream brand.

Project: NY Kopites

This project was commissioned to redesign a logo and simplify it's brand. The evolution of the logo can be found here.

Project: d2 Brand

Self-initiated project redesign of my brand. Simplified my logo and used white space for a visual effect.

Project: Carragher's Pub

This commissioned project was to design a logo for a sports bar based in Times Square. The reference of this logo was a former pro soccer player. Use of this player's accolades and personality was inspiration for the design.