The Hive
Project: The HIVE

This project was commissioned for a tv series in pre-production. The poster was designed to represent the personality of a former rap star from the streets of Memphis, TN.

Project: Teleios

This project was commissioned for an independent film. The poster was designed to represent different aspects of the film such as Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie & Clyde, drugs and money in Santa Monica, CA.

St George
Project: St. George's Day

This project was commissioned for an NYC event celebrating the English holiday. The poster was designed to showcase an old English tapestry in the red and white flag color palette.

Amethyst Bay
Project: Travel Poster

Self-initiated project with use of color and typography lending to the island feel and connects with the imagery that gives the user an island experience. The image was a composite of three different photos.

Project: European Champions

Self-intiated project was a collage incorporating different areas of the soccer world, from culture to branding.

Project: Hitchcock Typography

Self-initiated project dedicated to Alfred Hitchcock. The design was with use of a typewriter font utilizing many words that connect to Hitchcock's work and personality.

Project: Soccer Propaganda

This project was commissioned for an soccer fan club based in NYC. The poster was designed to represent lady liberty holding up the number of championships this soccer team won. Poster was made into a 10ft banner.

Project: Retro Postcard

Self-initiated project inspired by my trip to Norway and love of vintage design. This retro postcard has many intricacies of a vintage card such as color stains, distressed wear and tear. Photography is my own.

Project: Wedding Invitations

Self-initiated project was a cartoon themed husband and wife for an RSVP invitation. This was a part of a full stationary set, including letterhead and postcards.

Project: LFC Legend Event

This project was commissioned for an soccer player appearance event. The postcards were designed to showcase an 80's design and color palette to match the former Legends playing career.

Project: MB Insurance

This trifold project was commissioned for a local insurance company. The company wanted to maintain the integrity of their old brand.

Project: MB Insurance

The color palette was maintained and the trifold was redesigned and brought up to date from their 90's design.